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Welcome to The Dr. Vincenzo Sellaro Lodge Website

The Dr. Vincenzo Sellaro Lodge is part of the Order Sons of Italy in America, the oldest and largest fraternal organization of Italian American men and women on the North American continent.

We've been an active part of the Smithtown community since 1974 and, with over 150 members, we are continuing our work to promote our Italian heritage and culture and support the many charitable endeavors of both the lodge and the Order.

“Today I have a dream, and hope that someday, even if it takes one hundred years before we are fully accepted, our children, and their children’s children, even if they carry a single drop of Italian blood, will be able and proud to continue to carry on our traditions, our culture and our language. It is up to us, and what we do today."

These words were spoken by Dr. Vincenzo Sellaro over 100 years ago.
The entire inaugural speech is at http://www.osia.org/documents/Sellaro-Inaugural.pdf

The John Dabbene Italian Heritage Essay Contest

Application forms for the essay contest sponsored by the NY State OSDIA Commission for Social Justice
are available online. Below is a link to the instruction and application form.
The deadline has been extended to June 1st. You may still use the existing 2021 form.

2021 John Dabbene Essay Contest Forms

The Lies and Untruths about Christopher Columbus and the Constant lies to about him resulting in a move to remove Columbus Day.

New York CSJ has two websites dedicated to Columbus and the truth.

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